The Brain Development Box Set

The Brain Development Box Set

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Perfect for Home Visiting Programs, Organizations, Initiatives, Schools and Agencies! Easily share Ideas with Parents.

Sometimes thinking comes "inside the box"!

Experiences from birth through age 5 amazingly contributes to 90% of brain growth. Positive experiences influence learning, health, happiness, self-regulation, confidence and overall well-being in life. The Early Brain Development Box Set provides all of this and more… to help you EASILY maximize a child's development during this influential time!

This extremely unique and beautiful set of six activity packets in a boxed set provides all that a growing child really needs! This is especially perfect for professionals working with children and families.

The magnificent box includes a total of 240 cards that provide fun activities ideas and insights to build optimal functioning Like no other product, each activity card includes a simple explanation in everyday language, how the suggested interaction idea enhances a child's early brain development.

Caring parents and professionals benefit from the peace of mind and joy of providing all that a child wants and NEEDS most! Available in both English and Spanish, these are loved by parents, home-visitors and educators worldwide.

This set makes it both affordable and convenient to provide busy parents with confidence and support for these critical early years.

Each card is written in a child's voice because every child so wants the people in their life to provide these activities!

These make a perfect addition to early childhood programs, family resource centers, home-visiting programs. Simply pull out a developmentally appropriate card and share! Activities cover development in all domains.

Also a perfect baby or shower gift for new parents and grandparents!


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