"I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"
                                                                       Lyrics: The Greatest Love of All


The Story Behind Creating Neuro-Nurturing

When I look at a baby or young child all that I see is their pure heart. They are filled with desire to have needs met and to be loved. It is very clear that what they want most is to be accepted, supported and respected as the beautifully unique individual that they are within.

Children just want to be free to be themselves. Actually, they are not capable of doing anything else. Their magnificence is already present within their heart and we have the wonderful opportunity to provide the needed support for helping it shine!

When I created Brain Insights, I was following a passion that was bursting from within my own heart. It began when I was choosing a major in college. I had an inspired moment as I watched a children’s choir sing. As I listened and looked at the innocent faces, the thought occurred to me that all of the adults in those children’s lives didn’t know all they could know to help those children become all they had the potential to become. In an instant, my heart filled and I knew I wanted to learn all that I could to help children fully reveal the essence of who they are.

Brain Insights was designed with the intention to create a clear awareness and full understanding of how we can ALL contribute to helping children thrive. Over the years, I have found it to be extremely valuable and inspiring when adults better understand brain growth. This of course is very exciting to me. However, for a very long time I have felt that the term ‘early brain development’ doesn’t wholly encompass and convey all that children need and all that I hoped every adult would fully recognize.  I have found that too frequently the term ‘brain development’ is perceived as too scientific, is only viewed in relation to intelligence building or having children gain academic knowledge rather than the reality of supporting the overall blossoming of the whole child as a unique individual.

Additionally, it is still a minority of adults that know the basics of what is needed for a child’s optimal development. So, due to the critical need our society (and the children) have for greater understanding and broader awareness of how we can support development that recognizes the heart of a child, I realized that a new term is desperately needed.

As a result, I am ecstatic to introduce the creation of, Neuro-Nurturing!

Neuro-Nurturing shares the invaluable understanding that a well-developed brain allows the unique essence of a child’s heart to shine.



 To join those of us that want to make Neuro-Nurturing actually happen for children go to the Neuro-Nurturing for the World page! 


The Neruo-Nurturing For You page shares invaluable information for Neuro-Nurturing your own brain!