002 More To Do While I'm Two

002 More To Do While I'm Two

by Brain Insights $11.88 $15.00

A two year old brain is very busy actively creating new connections! What is better than having an easy way to provide all that your toddler really needs... and wants?

This 3" x 4" packet of 40 cards with activity ideas makes it easy to provide learning for this active growing brain. The ideas in this packet are hung on a ring to make it convenient for you to provide learning while on the go or at home. To make this packet even more unique each activity card includes information on brain development in easy to understand language to provide you with the confidence you want as a caring parent.

Your two year old child learns best through fun interaction and play and also needs a lot of love. This packet provides you with ideas on how to provide both for the best development. The activities cover language, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development.

A busy two year old can't wait for you to enjoy all of this together and you can even get your own tasks done at the same time!

"This is small brain packet comes with a BIG PUNCH! McNelis has created a
fantastic, useable guide for parents, teachers and child care providers that will
give them the activities they are looking for in a quick-reference guide that not only
shares fun, creative, activities, but explains the research behind them. This activity
guide will inspire children and adults alike! "  ~ Parent

Available in English and Spanish

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