“Deborah is a brain development expert. The main focus of Brain Insights is to promote the healthiest development of the brains of every child, it is critical that every adult realizes the impact nurturing has on a developing brain development too. Deborah works exceptionally and tirelessly to promote both of these aims. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”

~ Vivien Sablel, Psychotherapist, Baby and Parenting Expert and the author of The Blossom Method™


“I love the ease of your ideas. Brain Development Activity Packets are unique, special, meaningful, and simple for busy and caring parents. Using proven research based on science, these are a glorious and effective way to help children have a strong, healthy and positive start.”

-Michele Borba, Ed.D., author The Big Book of Parenting Solutions and parenting expert on The Today Show


“Deborah brings significant expertise to her work. Just as important, in my opinion, is the fact that she then combines that knowledge and insight with an infectious enthusiasm for teaching about and training others on the development and needs of children.

- John Keckhaver, Executive Director at Wisconsin Nonprofits Association


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