Advisory Board

 Brain Insights is passionate about what we do

and these experts are too! 

Our focus is to be the recognized company for parents, educators, and varied professionals in providing easily understood information, outstanding products, and inspiring presentations that lead to creating awareness and understanding of all that is best for the development of healthy brains.

The knowledgeable and dedicated members of our advisory board are extremely valuable contributors to this significant and essential effort.


Meet these influential professionals: 


Bethe Almeras     The Grass Stain Guru    


  Childhood was meant to be messy. Muddy. Slimy. Silly. And most of all, joyful.” 

                                                                                                             ~ Bethe Almeras


Sue Atkins     The Parenting Expert 


"Effective communication, respect and a sense of humour is the oil that lubricates a good family "   ~ Sue Atkins


Christina Damhuis, BA 


 "I believe that everyone can learn and reach their potential with the right tools and support.  It all starts at home, with parents educating their children and parents need support, too!  ~ Christina Damhuis


Shoshana Hayman


"Parenting is a process of becoming who we need to be for our children. We need to extend to our children an ever-widening invitation to bring all of who they are into their relationship with us so that they can grow into mature and independent adulthood."   ~Shoshana Hayman


   Dr. Rosina McAlpine   Inspired Children 


“Turning the science of child development into the art of parenting”

"Loving, nurturing and protecting children comes naturally to parents and by combining love with the science of child development, you can make the best parenting decisions for your children. The latest research shows that by teaching your children life skills you give them the tools they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives."  ~ Rosina McAlpine


Deb McCollister


 "Throughout my career, I have advocated for open-ended play in the lives of children and worked to help families understand the relationship of imagination and discovery to human development.  I encourage families to protect time for children to simply “be”, to watch the clouds or follow an ant trail, to wonder and mentally wander, to day dream, to refresh their spirits, to reveal glimpses of who they may become!"  

~ Deb McCollister


Vivien Sabel           The Blossom Method   


"Creator of The Blossom Method™ & Early Years Pioneer-Give your baby a sense of connectedness in infancy and give them the best start in life."  ~ Vivien Sabel


Peggy Sissel-Phelan Ed.


 “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture book for baby is priceless!  Spread the word about the need to read to baby early and often – because babies need words to grow on.”  - Peggy Sissel-Phelan


Dr. Dave Walsh    Mind Positive Parenting  

 "Brain science made practical to help kids thrive."  ~ David Walsh


Lauren Zimet, M.S.,CCC/SLP    Childhood Brain Health