Brain Insights: Share #1

by Deborah McNelis on February 27, 2015

What a child’s brain needs most is adults that understand development. Parents, educators, social-workers, foster parents, nannies, and medical professionals that are aware and well educated on early brain development can provide all that a growing brain needs most. Community leaders, employers, judges, politicians, the media and the general public also play a vital role in implementing this valuable knowledge. Through working together we can ensure all children receive the experiences that will most positively impact healthy brain connections for success and well-being in life! Simply use the share buttons or copy and paste the following insight and share EVERYWHERE! ..

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

by Deborah McNelis on January 14, 2015

What Has the Most Critical Impact on a Developing Brain?   A question that has been asked of me several times is whether I think there is one aspect of early brain development that I feel is most critical for Brain Insights to place an emphasis. When considering this, the area that immediately comes to mind is the understanding of the significance of secure attachment. This is not the only area that is important and I will address this, but the first and primary need of a baby is to establish a trust in someone that aids in survival. The..

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Heartfelt Baby Wish

by Deborah McNelis on January 01, 2015

A Heartfelt Request "Now that I am here it is my wish that every adult that will have an influence on my life fully realizes all that positively impacts my brain development in the early months and years of my life! I sincerely hope that every adult already knows and understands that providing loving, safe, healthy, predictable, nurturing, and stimulating environments affects the way in which my brain will physically wire and grow. Experiences of consistent loving relationships, lots of play and movement, security, healthy nutrition, time in nature, lack of chaos, and respect for me as someone very special..

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Kids & Holiday Shopping!

by Deborah McNelis on December 04, 2014

COMMENTS FROM YOUR CHILD ABOUT HOLIDAY SHOPPING! I know holiday shopping with me can be frustrating and difficult at times. I really don’t want to be a problem when you take me along. I realize you have a lot to do and you want me to be good so you can get it all done, but, my brain doesn’t always allow me to be perfect. I do like when you take me with you because my brain is curious and I get to see new things. I also love being with you!   So here are some ideas I have so..

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Early Experiences

by Deborah McNelis on June 07, 2014

The experiences children receive in the early years of life are crucial to overall brain development. These early experiences have an impact on learning and well-being in life. The Brain doesn’t just magically develop on it’s own. It requires experiences to make this happen. When a child has an experience, actual connections are formed between brain cells. The brain cells are dependent on experience to create these connections!        All of these connections physically grow, organize and develop the brain. Genetics certainly plays a large role in laying out a plan for development. However, it is primarily the early experiences that..

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by Deborah McNelis on April 19, 2012

One of the primary reasons I started, Brain Insights was to create a clear understanding of the impact loving interaction has on the developing brain. The goal is to help develop a greater awareness of the need for and the positive effects of attachment.   Secure attachment is the foundation for emotional development and the ability to form healthy relationships with others. This also then leads to a child’s ability to regulate emotions effectively, to be able to delay gratification, to problem solve, and to have empathy for others. This all then contributes to the development of a positive self..

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