A World of Difference!

by Deborah McNelis on May 29, 2015

MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE... NOW! I have a brain teaser for you! Why is it that we have more knowledge than ever before about what is best for a child's brain development .... and yet these are not the experiences of so many young children? 85% of the brain physically develops in the first 5 years of life. This development is primarily dependent on healthy and positive experiences to create optimal brain function, overall success, well being and happiness in life. Advances in science continually provide new research to demonstrate what growing brains need most. This information is very..

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What If EVERYONE Understood?

by Deborah McNelis on May 09, 2015

"A person's a person, no matter how small."  ~  Dr. Seuss   In the introduction of her latest book, Rae Pica writes: "... I speculate about how different things might be if everyone understood child development. When I hear stories of small children who are bewildered, frustrated and even defeated in their earliest school experiences, trying with brave determination to do what is asked of them and failing to understand why they can't, I wonder, what if everybody understood child development?"   This is a great new book that is important for EVERY adult to read as the title reflects...

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