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About Us

Brain Insights: Making Early Brain Development common KnowledgeDeborah McNelis, BrainInsights Owner

For parents: Helping your child's early brain development makes life easier for everybody. We give you ideas about how to play and interact with your children while you are completing your everyday tasks... it just makes life easier!

For professionals: You will profit from the attention you will gain through using brain packets as a unique way to promote your business, organization or agency while making a positive impact.

For early and parent educators: You can promote your school or program and easily share these with parents to achieve exceptional parental involvement.

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Fortunate children have their early years surrounded by loving family, friends and valuable experiences. This makes their young brains stronger, balanced, creative, healthier and smarter. But how to do this is not yet common knowledge. Brain Insights is working with others like you around the world to change this.

Are you a parent, educator or grandparent? Are you a professional in the position of supporting the optimal development of children in their early years? It can make a real difference and Brain Insights is here to help!

Maybe you already know that 90% of early brain development happens before children are 5 years old? Early positive experiences and supportive, healthy environments in the critical early years are vital.

Some people think that early brain development results from the use of electronic gadgets and DVDs... but Brain Insights is here to say it's even easier than that-- happy children and smart well-adjusted adults result from the enriching brain development Brain Insights provides... even during busy family life!

The Brain Development SeriesSo what can you do about the early brain development of a child? How can you make a difference with Brain Development Activity Packets?

It's incredibly easy to incorporate early brain development techniques and training into your professional or parenting life. Brain Insights, LLC has a passion to make early brain development common knowledge and common practice for the benefit of all children. It's all we do! We exist solely to help you easily understand and then provide everything that young children's growing brains need.

With Brain Insights materials and/or trainings, you benefit and you will make a dramatically positive difference.


Typical existing users of Brain Insights Activity Packets are:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Social Service Professionals
  • Educators
  • Medical Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Community Leaders
  • Students
  • Agency Directors

To discover more about how you can effortlessly contribute to children becoming impressive individuals, just email Deborah, order online now, or call 414-975-7045.


Among others, Deborah and Brain Insights are endorsed by these experts:

  • Michele Borba, Ed.D., authour The Big Book of Parenting Solutions and parenting expert on TheTodayShow
  • Raffie cavoukian, Singer, Author and Founder of Center For Child Honouring
  • Dr. Lynne Kenney, Pediatric Psychologist and author of, The Family Coach Method
  • Wendy Young, Child and Family Therapist and Founder of Kidlutions(tm) Preferred Product Awards
  • Sue Atkins, International parenting expert, speaker, broadcaster & bestselling author of Raising Happy Children for Dummies & The Parenting Made Easy App
  • Lauren Zimet, M.S., CCC/SLP is a speech, language and early communication specialist and founder of The Healthy Foundations Program